Amazing World – Grade 3


Title:                                   Amazing World – Grade 3

ISBN:                                  9780190707255

Publisher:                           Oxford University Press

Level:                                  Primary

Cover:                                 Softcover

Amazing World is a series written in accordance with the Single National Curriculum 2020. It is the English translated version of the Meri Duniya series for grades 1-3, designed for schools with multilinguistic student base.
The Amazing World series is aimed to produce young critical thinkers, capable of understanding and evaluating information, developing knowledge, skills, values, and possessing healthy habits with a strong civic sense. This is achieved in the textbooks through critical questions, activities, and projectbased learning opportunities. The content has been designed in an interactive way so that it sparks an interest in the learning process.

  • Curriculum mapped framework
  • Sample test papers
  • Worksheets
  • Answers to the Student book questions
  • Editable lesson plans
  • Teaching strategies


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