Cotman Watercolors-Sketchers’ Pocket Box


Title:                                    Cotman Watercolors-Sketchers’ Pocket Box

Brand:                                Cotman\Winsor & Newton

ISBN:                                  5012572005784

Shades:                               12 Pan Cakes

Packaging:                         Plastic Box

Discover 12 Cotman Watercolours made with quality, fine art pigments in one of the most popular sets. This pocket-sized set is ideal for outdoor watercolor painting, as it has a curated color palette that suits those new to watercolor and experienced artists alike, along with a travel brush.

Set Contents:

• 1 x Travel brush

• 12 x Cotman half pans:

Lemon Yellow Hue • Cadmium Yellow Hue • Cadmium Red Pale Hue • Alizarin Crimson Hue • Ultramarine • Cerulean Blue Hue • Viridian Hue • Sap Green • Yellow Ochre • Burnt Sienna • Burn Umber • Chinese White


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