Exploring Science International 11-14 book 9


Title:                                  Exploring Science International 11-14 book 9

ISBN:                                 9789696771630

Publisher:                          Kifayat Publisher

Author:                              Mark Levesley, Sue Kearsey, Lain Brand, Penny Jhonson

Level:                                Grade 7-9

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Exploring Science Working Scientifically is the latest international edition for science by Pearson
(leading publisher in UK and US). This series for grades 7-9 provides a comprehensive approach
towards an enquiry based scientific method. With STEM being an integral part of each unit. This
series sparks your students’ curiosity with exciting real-life science.
With increased focus on the application of ideas and their amplified requirements for maths, and
communication we have integrated these skills into the whole of this course. This means that the
students will steadily grow in confidence when using mathematical skills, thinking scientifically and
communicating their ideas clearly and logically. The course delivers effective formative assessment
throughout and offers unparalleled levels of differentiation.


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