History in Focus – Book 1 : 3rd Edition

Title:                                   History in Focus – Book 1 : 3rd Edition

ISBN:                                  9781845223397

Publisher:                           Peak Publishing

Level:                                  Lower Secondary

Cover:                                 Softcover


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History in Focus is a ground-breaking series which brings history to life for lower secondary pupils. Packed with facts and illustrations, it covers the history of the region of Pakistan from early times up to the 20th century. To ensure a broad perspective, other civilizations are also investigated. teachers and students will enjoy the friendly and easy-to-use style of the series.

About this series

  • A comprehensive secondary History program, History in Focus provides a coherent, chronological history course which equips pupils with crucial historical skills.
  • Each books provides pupils with clear learning goals and highlights key concepts through learning objectives.
  • It ignites pupils interest in history with engaging, culturally relevant content and interesting facts they can relate to.
  • The series facilitates both groups and independent work and enables teachers and pupils to track progress and understanding through a range of assessment tools.
  • Skills books facilitate further practice and reinforcement.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Support Books aid teacher lesson planning and delivery.

Skills Books

Skills Books include variety of creative activities that are student centered, developmentally appropriate, along with engaging exercises.


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