Journey Through Maths – Student Book 5


Title:                                    Journey Through Maths – Student Book 5
ISBN:                                   9789692104357
Publisher:                            Paramount books (Pvt) Ltd.
Level:                                   Primary
Cover:                                  Soft Cover Binding

Journey Through Maths series has been specially written by experienced
mathematics educators, to align with the 2020 National Curriculum of Pakistan. This
workbook accompanies the textbook and enables students to practice and
consolidate what they have learned in the textbook, through a variety of different
exercise types. By completing the exercises, learners will learn to gauge their
understanding of mathematical concepts and monitor their progress, thus leading
towards learner autonomy. For teachers, they will be able to see where students can
either be further challenged or supported with specific intervention. This will engage
students’ curiosity, making the subject of mathematics appealing. The clear
explanations will facilitate learning and understanding, and the extensive practice
opportunities will enable students to master mathematical concepts progressively.


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