Kifayat Dhanak Urdu Silsila – NARANJI : Class 5


Title:                                    Kifayat Dhanak Urdu Silsila – NARANJI : Class 5

ISBN:                                   9789696771364

Publisher:                            Kifayat Publishers


Cover:                                  Softcover

Dhanak series are in accordance to the National Curriculum. The series has been designed in a way that Literature, Language and Grammar exercises are covered in the same book. The books are age appropriate and the activities are engaging and interactive. The simple use of Urdu language makes the content a lot less daunting for the children and hence they readily enjoy learning.

Notes have been given for the teachers at the beginning of each lesson along with word/meanings to make reading experience smoother. The series cover a wide range of concepts keeping in mind the skills which need to be developed in students. Activities are designed to enhance their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


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