Kinder Math Stars Junior Infant – Part I


Title:                                   Kinder Math Stars Junior Infant – Part I


Publisher:                           Kifayat Publisher

Level:                                   Pre-Primary

Cover:                                  Softcover

Kinder Math Stars series has been designed for Early years. The complete set includes 5 core books and 4 workbooks for reinforcement. Throughout the series, the focus revolves around how to develop a good mathematical mind. The series has been developed keeping in mind the STEM approach and forms a good basis for students to be able to do Grade 1 Mathematics.

Math Stars Junior I & II comprises of four sets of books which include two core books and two workbooks, suitable for children aged 3.5 years. Kinder Math Stars Junior Infant series consists of Matching & Sorting of shapes, Counting, Mapping, Directions, Sequencing and Visual Perception.


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