Kinder Math Stars – Senior Infant (Part I)


Title:                                  Kinder Math Stars – Senior Infant (Part I)

ISBN:                                  9789698597047

Publisher:                           Kifayat Publisher

Level:                                   Pre-Primary

Cover:                                  Softcover

The Wonderland English Literacy Series has been designed for Early years. The comprehensive Phonic programme consists of four components. My book of Sounds, Phonic Readers, Sight Readers and My Book of Rhymes. The program is filled with a wide variety of fun activities that will help children learn and practice phonics in a comprehensive manner. The books in the series contain complete instructions and are adaptable to meet the needs of all children.

Math Stars Senior I & II comprises of four books which include two core books and two workbooks. Kinder Math Stars Senior Infant series consists of Perception, Shapes, Arithmetic including addition and subtraction, Patterns & Space Orientation.


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