M&G Acrylic Color Set 12ml-36 Colors


Title:                      M&G Acrylic Color Set 12ml-24 Colors

Brand:                   M&G China

ISBN:                    6941600170516

Shade:                   36 Colors-12ml tube

Packaging:            Cardboard Box

  • Advanced production methods. High-quality pigments environmentally friendly and excellent coverage. Quick dry clean with water and no solvents required. For use on canvas, fabric, paper and wood.
  • Great lightfastness and gloss finish: these acrylic stones glide smoothly onto canvas, paper, wood, ceramics etc and quick drying to a glossy finish.
  • High quality pigments: creamy consistency and high pigments provide great coverage for large areas and fine details.
  • Great blendability: clarity and brilliance allow an excellent blend of colours to provide a wider range of shades and tones.
  • Versatile for most art and art techniques and suitable for most painting surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, fabric, leather, cardboard, MDF and crafts.


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