My Book Of Computer – Book 8


Title:                                    My Book of Computer – Book 8
ISBN:                                   9789692160438

Publisher:                            Learning Well Pvt Ltd
Level:                                   1-8
Cover:                                  Soft Cover Binding

My Book Of Computer series is designed to combine current thinking in pedagogy with the
developments in computers. The text has been written very carefully after extensive research on
the approaches used by a child to grasp the information given.
My Book of computer series is designed on the principle of progression. Each lesson builds on
the knowledge gained in the previous lesson. This makes learning not only easier for the
students, but it also makes possible for them to grasp fairly complex information with relative
Undoubtedly lessons are critical importance. But end of lesson testing and evaluation are no less
importance. Our effort in the direction comprises of three different avenue: End of Lesson
Exercises, Activity Books.
Lesson Takeaway: This section enables teachers to reinforce the lesson by summarizing the
main points at the end. For students, this is ideal for understanding the essence of lesson.
Comprehension Assessment: These are indirect question. They are designed to evaluate the
conceptual understanding of lesson rather than absorption of discrete fact. Active Learning: It
needs no reminder that doing enhances the learning by an order of magnitude compared to
reading. An effort has been made to identify simple activities; which children can easily do.
Fact Pedia: These facts help students to absorb knowledge beyond the parameters of the
The activity books are designed for reinforcement of student’s knowledge and understanding of
textbooks. These books are based on objective and subjective exercises, are profusely
illustrated and have a child-friendly layout. They engage student’s attention while enabling the
teachers to assess their understanding level. These activity Books fulfil children’s psychological
and cognitive needs by involving them in both thinking and doing activities.
Learningwell is the first textbook publishing company in Pakistan which offers a bevy of online
educational products for both school and home use. These include companion E-books and
interactive activity book for all our printed books. These E-books are available under the rubric at
The learningwell versions of our books are not just scanned copies of the physical books. On the
contrary, they employ full multimedia abilities of the computer and the amazing capabilities of the
internet to produce the multi-dimensional learning and educational experience. These books are
just a beginning. The burgeoning abilities of the computer combined with its ever more creative
use will result in more effective Learningwell E-books in the future.


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