New Oxford Primary Science (3rd Edition) Book – 4


Title:                                    New Oxford Primary Science (3rd Edition) Book – 4
ISBN:                                   9780190700089
Publisher:                           Oxford University Press
Author:                               Nicholas Horsburgh
Level:                                  Primary
Cover:                                 Soft Cover Binding

New Oxford Primary Science, Third Edition aims to help students understand scientific concepts in an
engaging and exciting way. The SNC version covers all the student learning outcomes mentioned in the
Single National Curriculum 2020 for General Science. The content is designed to encourage and support
students in observing and analysing  different scientific phenomena in their everyday lives.
Hands-on activities and projects have been included to involve students in the process of learning.
These activities are designed to develop observational, creative, collaborative, and communicative, skills
of the students which are crucial for scientific working in the 21st century. The new student-friendly layout
and illustrations will help students build an interest in science. The language has been kept simple and is
graded for vocabulary.
 You will learn that: Student-learning outcomes are listed at the start of the unit
 Concept check: Given after every major topic, to assess understanding of the concepts
 Discuss and answer: Open-ended questions are given within the unit for inquiry
 Myth vs fact: Small bits of information are given to rectify misconceptions
 Exercises: Given at the end of every unit for clarification and reinforcement of concepts
 Activities and projects: Hands-on activities for individuals as well as groups, to develop
scientific skills
 Fun pages: Fun-filled worksheets to test or revise factual knowledge or concepts


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