Pearson Big Science Book 1


Title:                                     Pearson Big Science Book 1

Publisher:                            Pearson

ISBN:                                   9781292144351


Level:                                    1 to 6

Cover:                                   Soft Cover Binding

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Science is everywhere. From your backyard to a tropical rain forest; from your pets at home to creatures in the sea; from your bike to a space station. Let’s explore!

With Big Science kids will learn to see and understand the world in new ways. They will ask questions, gather information, test ideas, and record their findings. In no time, your students will be thinking like young scientists!


  • a communicative, inquiry-based science course for Primary English Language Learners
  • uses the 5E teaching sequence encouraging learners to discover new ideas, test what they mean and evaluate their understanding of concepts
  • combines a rich variety of content (print, audio, video) with inquiry-based activities, ensuring students are engaged and motivated

Building student confidence

Students of Big Science will think deeply about topics, will work in teams, will research concepts to confirm understanding and will communicate their findings. These scientific practices are also skills for life that give students the confidence they need to handle the challenges of our changing world.

  • Critical thinking & problem solving: Big Science asks Big Questions to cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Communication & collaboration: Pair and group activities require students to collaborate and share their ideas.
  • Accountability & self-direction: Self Assessment activities allow students to evaluate their learning and judge what they need to review.
  • Digital literacy: Digital activities allow students to see and test scientific concepts in an engaging way.

Teacher support

Big Science supports teachers with:

  • step-by-step guidance in the Teacher’s Book for combining science content with language instruction
  • ELL support modules in the Teacher’s Book to help you with key terms, structures and content
  • modular design of the course allows you to customize the course to the needs of your class


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