Pentel Water Colors 6ml-24 Colors HTP-24


Title:                    Pentel Water Colors 6ml-24 Colors HTP-24

Brand:                 Pentel

ISBN:                   4711577028392

Shades:                24 Colors

Packaging:          Cardboard Box

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Product Features:

  • Colors: white, naples yellow, chrome yellow, permanent yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, deep green, viridian, royal blue, cobalt blue, prussian blue, ultramarine, purple, red purple, pink, red, vermilion, brown, orange, pale orange, chocolate, yellow ochre, gray, black
  • each tube 6ml
  • Pure, brilliant transparent colors
  • Dry evenly, will not crack or flake
  • Consistent stability
  • Fade resistant
  • To get transparent effects, use more water, and to get opaque effect , use less water
  • Mixing colors with with produces pastel or opaque effects


  • Water color paintings
  • Illustrations
  • Architectural renderings
  • Industrial design
  • Portraits

 Creative Suggestions:

  • Pencil a small preliminary sketch to serve as a reference guide and paint the major masses to set the color scheme
  • For final art, use thickest paper with most durable and permanent surface available
  • Be spontaneous as this is the essence of water color, you can even try painting wet-on-wet


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