Secondary Geography For Pakistan – Grade 6

Title:                                  Secondary Geography For Pakistan – Grade 6
Publisher:                         Oxford University Press
Author:                             Dean Smart
Level:                                Secondary
Cover:                               Soft Cover Binding

The series Secondary Geography for Pakistan by Dean Smart is based on Peter Moss’s accoladed
series Secondary Social Studies for Pakistan. The books focus on inquiry-based learning, with the intent
to develop critical thinking, particularly catering to students in grades 6, 7, and 8. The series is aligned
with the National Curriculum of Pakistan and is the sister series to Secondary History for Pakistan. The
geographical knowledge imparted by the three books of Secondary Geography for Pakistan helps
students develop a deeper understanding of physical, human, and environmental geography of Pakistan,
the subcontinent, and the world at large. This series aims to equip students with essential critical
engagement and problem-solving skills by exposing them to a variety of print and technological tools and
resources that aid geographers. Both series, Secondary Geography for Pakistan, and Secondary History
for Pakistan, have content to help students learn about citizenship, which is a core domain in social


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