Urdu Khushkhati Silsila Introductory Book (Revised Edition)


Title:                                   Urdu Khushkhati Silsila Introductory Book (Revised Edition)
ISBN:                                  9780199067404
Publisher:                           Oxford University Press
Author:                               Fozia Ahsan Farooqui
Level:                                  Pre-nursey – Class 5
Cover:                                 Soft Cover Binding

Urdu Khushkhati Silsila has been written taking into account students’ interest and their abilities.
The series comprises five books from Pre-nursery to Class 5.
The salient features of the series are:
 The colourful layout and design is attractive and will aid in accurate handwriting practice
 Letter formation is shown clearly with the help of arrows and symbols
 Colouring practice and other activities will keep children absorbed
 Additional material has been added to make the books interesting
 The vocabulary used in the exercises is age-appropriate
 The series offer a systematic progression from one level to the next
 Revision exercises have been provided for extra practice
 The Teachers’ Notes provide guidelines for teaching and testing the rules and methodology
of Urdu handwriting


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