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About Us

Online Book and Stationery Store:

SIDDIQUI BOOK COMPANY is the first online complete books and stationery store of Pakistan. We offer text books, general books, novels etc and from basic stationery like lead pencil, eraser, sharpener etc., to office stationery, fancy stationery, along the related items like school bags, fancy bags, fine arts material, computer accessories etc.

SIDDIQUI BOOK COMPANY is the place “where you come across and stick together to buy” all your books and stationery needs. We aim to provide you comfort in buying and searching the books of your needs by gathering the libraries of quality publications and equipped you with best quality stationery tools.

SIDDIQUI BOOK COMPANY is the complete solution for educational institutes, students, parents and professionals to get their stationery needs and to enrich your ideas through all professional fine arts and crafts material only just click a on!