Cambridge Primary Mathematics Pakistan Edition Workbook 2


Title:                     Cambridge Primary Mathematics Pakistan Edition Workbook 2

Publisher:            Cambridge University Press

ISBN:                   9781107615823

Cover:                  Soft Cover Binding

Packed with activities, including counting, matching and estimating, this workbook helps your students practice what they have learnt. Specific questions develop thinking and working mathematically skills. Focus, Practice and Challenge exercises provide clear progression through each topic, helping learners to start at a level that matches their confidence. Idea for use in the classroom or for homework.

This resource has received Non Objection Certificate from the National Curriculum Council and Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board.

  • Practice activities to help learners apply their knowledge to new contexts
  • Three-tired exercises in every unit get progressively more challenging  to provide all learners with appropriate points to access the topic
  • Varied activity types keep learners interested
  • Write-in for ease of use
  • Answers for all activities can be found in the accompanying teacher’s resource


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