Cambridge Primary English Pakistan Ed. Learner’s Book 3


Title:                                    Cambridge Primary English Pakistan Ed. Learner’s Book

ISBN:                                  9781009111454

Publisher:                           Cambridge University Press

Author:                                Gill Budgell

Level:                                   Grade 1-5

Cover:                                  Soft Cover Binding

Your learners will develop their English skills as they explore space, write and perform poetry and discover new versions of classic fairy tales. You’ll find a wide range of international fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama throughout the book to help your learners develop their understanding of different genres and text types.

Each unit is packed with activities that cover reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as opportunities to develop 21st century skills – such as collaboration and critical thinking. Units end with a project, like creating a travel brochure for tourists, to help learners communicate confidently and understand how to apply their learning to real-world scenarios.

This title has been given the Non Objection Certificate by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board.

  • Get learners thinking about what they already know with ‘Getting Started’ boxes
  • ‘Key word’ boxes introduced learners to subject specific terms
  • ‘Skills tips’ give learners guidance on how to develop the four core skills
  • ‘Language focus’ boxes provide clear, learner-friendly explanations of key grammar and language rules
  • ‘Look what I can do’ statements and ‘Check your progress’ questions at the end of each unit help your learners reflect on what they have learnt
  • Answers for all activities can be found in the accompanying teacher’s resource

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