Kifayat Islamiat Lazmi – Class 2


Title:                                   Kifayat  Islamiat Lazmi – Class 2

ISBN:                                  9789696771289

Publisher:                           Kifayat Publishers


Cover:                                  Softcover

Islamiat Lazmi has been designed in the light of the guideline provided by National Curriculum. Islamiat is not just a course to be learnt but it is a complete code of life which needs to be practiced in every Muslim’s life. The Quran and Hadith being our guide on the practices of Islam, we have provided multiple references from these esteemed books to present the authenticity of the content in our series.

The series have been written in simple language and a lot of content is related to the everyday life and how to go about it. It aims to teach the children the best practices of spending a well-balanced life with love and empathy for our environment.


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