M&G Water Color Markers Soft Tip-18 Colors ACP92168


Title:                    M&G Water Color Markers Soft Tip-18 Colors ACP92168

Brand:                 M&G Stationery

ISBN:                    6933631516005

Shade:                 18 Colors-Soft tip

Packaging:         Plastic PVC Box

M&G soft tip watercolor pen is a type of pen that has a flexible and delicate tip made of synthetic materials. This tip allows for a variety of lines and strokes to be depicted on paper by applying different amounts of pressure and adjusting the angle of the pen.

The ink used in soft-tip watercolour pens is water-based and is designed to blend seamlessly with similar colours, allowing for the creation of beautiful watercolour effects with ease. By simply dabbing a plain brush into water and onto the page, the ink can be thinned out and spread to create a gradual change in colour.

One of the benefits of using a soft-tip watercolour pen is that it allows for a great deal of control and precision in creating artwork. The delicate tip makes it easy to create fine details, while the watercolour effects add depth and texture to the piece. Additionally, the ability to thin out the ink means that the artist can adjust the intensity of the colors to suit their needs.


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